Allentown Elementary

Creating A Brighter Tomorrow For Children Today

Address: 10330 Howells Ferry Road Semmes, Alabama 36575

Phone: (251) 221-1000

Principal: Ashtiny Roberts,


Number of students: 761

About us: Allentown Elementary values the parent-school-community partnership. In 2019, we began utilizing the six pillars of character to develop a sense of family amongst students and staff. This was accomplished by creating our Gator House System. This system helps each student develop a sense of inclusivity while providing adult mentors and supportive peers across every grade level. The Gator House System encourages student achievement and engagement by fostering a safe, nurturing environment, where students can thrive and build relationships throughout their elementary experience. At Allentown we truly are Six Houses, One Family!

At Allentown we believe education is the collective responsibility of students, staff, parents, and community. Through professional collaboration, we set high expectations that lead to high achievement and promotes lifelong learning between students and staff. We are a supportive family, committed to providing continuous growth and development throughout the Allentown teaching experience.