Anna Booth Elementary

Always Do Your Best

Address: 17001 Hurricane Blvd, Irvington, AL 36544

Phone: 251-824-1740


Principal: Lisa Williams,

Students: 415

About the school: When you walk into Booth Elementary, you immediately sense that the school is special. There is an air of expectancy and hope. All teachers and staff members believe that the students are as capable as any children in this nation. Most important, they effectively convey this belief to the students and their parents. High expectations are set. Students believe in their abilities to perform and subsequently meet their individual goals.

The school climate is positive, empowering, and energetic. Students and staff members thrive in this setting. Teachers enjoy their work; and students are happy, productive, and successful. Without fail, visitors remark on the engaging atmosphere at Booth.

The children are well-behaved and enthusiastic about learning. While walking in the halls, students often stop periodically to share their current academic progress with different staff members, knowing that they will receive praise and encouragement. The atmosphere is celebratory with students and staff alike celebrating each other’s success.

All students are held in unconditional positive regard making school a happy place, a good place for children. No doubt, a school’s culture, whether positive and empowering or negative and defeating, impacts student achievement. The climate at Booth Elementary is special, a culture of high self-efficacy with a positive perception of student capabilities and an empowering atmosphere that promotes success.

Booth Elementary's awards include designation as a National Title I Distinguished School, a National School Change Award School, an Alabama Torchbearer School, a U.S. National Blue Ribbon School, an Alabama CLAS Banner School, and an Alabama High Flyer School.

At Booth Elementary School, the teaching and learning philosophy is straightforward and basically an integration of three equally-important interdependent components:

  • First, we believe that children learn best through the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) and Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) teaching models.

  • Second, we believe that teacher collaboration and supportive teamwork are essential for teacher (and student) success.

  • Third, we believe that needs-based instruction should occur for every child, every day, allowing for each child (strugglers to advanced) to experience the day-to-day joy of learning and achieving!