Breitling Elementary

Shine Breit

Address: 8350 Grand Bay Wilmer Road, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Phone: 251-865-0900


Principal: Amy C. Blake,

Students: 534

About the school: Breitling Elementary is special because the staff, students, and parents work together like family. Everyone steps in and supports everyone else. There are very few discipline issues, but when they arise, teachers are supported by both parents and administration. Great community support allows staff to focus on the academics rather than discipline.

Breitling has a very strong PTO that supports the students and staff through various activities. Parents do not hesitate to step in and help in any way they can. The PTO sponsors many activities such as Snack Cart, Santa Shop, Spring Fling, Teacher Appreciation events, and much more. There are not many days of the school year that you do not see at least one PTO member in the halls asking teachers if there is anything they can help with or if anything is needed.

Breitling’s biggest strength is collaboration. Everyone works together and knows what is expected of them. Breitling also has strong leadership and support from our leaders, whether it be with students, parents, or our personal families. Our leaders are always willing to help and lend an ear when needed.

The focus at Breitling is to support the academic needs in both reading and math for all children. To address academic needs, Breitling’s instructional strategies include all classroom and special education teachers. Collaboration is encouraged among teachers which has created a wonderful working environment.

Teachers support and encourage each other by sharing ideas and plans on grade level. Instructional activities are planned to support student learning. Struggling students are also supported through extra intervention classes that allow teachers to focus on the classroom needs.

Teachers want to work at Breitling because the environment is pleasant, and they feel supported. Breitling staff believes in lifting everyone up and keeping them up. All staff members know that there are always multiple people they can turn to when they need help, advice, or just someone to share ideas with.

Breitling sponsors fun events such as Honor Roll parades and assemblies, theme days, AR celebrations, Dr. Seuss Week, Red Ribbon Week, Autism Awareness events, and many more. These things keep the students engaged and it encourages them to keep learning and participating in things that support our school and community in a positive way.