Collier Elementary

Focused on Tomorrow Through Learning Today

Address: 601 Snow Road North, Mobile, AL 36608

Phone: 251-221-1120


Principal: DeAnna Stevens,

Students: 719

About the school: Collier is a happy place for all students and staff members. Questions are encouraged, mistakes are forgiven, growth is celebrated, needs are monitored, and goals are met.

As a school, we believe the social emotional learning of all children should be top priority. That is why we start every morning with a class meeting based on the implementation of Caring School Communities. Students bond with their classmates and Collier’s staff members, making learning easier to observe and enhance.

Our school won the Spirit Award for MCPSS at our last gathering as a district. We have spirit in all that we do and are always ready to work hard and play hard to “BEE THE IMPACT."

Every child at Collier matters, and every child should have their social and emotional needs considered. All children should receive the necessary lessons, interventions, assessments, experiments, tasks, experiences through engagement, collaboration, and exploration to enhance their elementary journey.

These opportunities are made easier to support by teachers working together as a team and collaborating with administration and leadership staff. Like students, we encourage teachers to ask questions, seek answers and always be continuous learners. The best can only remain if they lend a supportive hand to those on their way to being their best.

We like to say we are the “Bees Knees”, because this is where bees carry the good stuff.

At Collier:

1. Student academic, social, and emotional growth is the chief priority of our school.

2. Teachers, parents and community share the responsibility of challenging each child to become a confident, self-directed, life-long learner.

3. All children, though different and distinct, are equal.

4. Cultural diversity and individualism enhance our environment.

5. Children should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to accommodate their different needs and learning styles.

6. Continuous improvement is essential to the success of our children, school, and community.