Hutchens Elementary

Where Leaders Learn to Spread their Wings

Address: 10005 Westlake Road, Mobile, AL

Phone: (251)221-1420


Principal: Kathy Gallop

Students: 565

About the school: Hutchens Elementary is the only K-2 school in Mobile County. Our school is a Lighthouse Leader in Me School, and our school believes that everyone can be a leader. All students at Hutchens participate in a Leader in Me club of their choice. Clubs allow all students to show leadership and feel a sense of belonging. Clubs encompass a wide range of activities so that something appeals to every student.

Hutchens also engages students with the use of Student Leadership Roles. Every classroom creates leadership roles for the students, and students apply for the job that best fits his or her talents and expertise. All students are also encouraged to apply for school wide leadership roles. These roles help teach students to take care of their own environment and build leadership skills at a very early age. There is an application and interview process for all school-wide leadership roles, which provides the students with an authentic, real-world experience at school.

At Hutchens, we believe it is important for children to develop socially and emotionally, not just academically. Our stakeholders provide our students with opportunities to develop by funding art and music classes, so that all our students can participate. They also donate funds to help cover the expenses of our clubs so our students can have the opportunity to try new things. ​ Our teachers and staff members integrate the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and leadership principles into lessons and student leadership roles and focus on real-world application of the habits. ​​

Our teachers and staff consistently model the 7 Habits for students and the community by using the language and living the habits. Teachers create personal mission statements, and each class and club develop a mission statement that is meaningful.​

​We also believe communication is the key, and we communicate and educate our families in many ways. Our teachers and school administration send out weekly newsletters to inform parents of our upcoming events. Our school and Parent Lighthouse Teams keep families informed on social media and our school website. Families are always invited to participate which positively impacts our school culture.