Semmes Elementary

Together we prepare young minds to soar

Address: 10100 Blackwell Nursery Road, Semmes, AL 26575

Phone: 251-221-1630


Interim principal: Jennifer Fetner,

Students: 515

About the school: Semmes elementary is a small, community school located in Semmes, Alabama. We have grades pre-k through five, with approximately four teachers on each grade level. We also have a self-contained special-education unit. We have an amazing team of teachers who work together to support not only the students at our school, but also initiatives in our community.

We have many teachers who are Nearpod Certified and we are a Nearpod Certified school. In addition, we also have many teachers who are AMSTI trained and many currently working to complete their training. We have a partnership with many local businesses and churches, and they all work together to help us meet the needs of our school.

Our school also promotes a love of reading, and we recently purchased a book vending machine where students can earn books for their accomplishments. We are known for our high academic standards, and we plan to continue to grow our school through the implementation of clubs, extra-curricular activities, increased community involvement, and technology integration.

Semmes Elementary is a school where teaching and learning is a priority. We focus on growing our teachers and staff through engaging professional development and collaboration. We have implemented many initiatives in order to reach these goals such as Tech Tuesday, data meetings, instructional rounds, peer mentoring, and book studies.

Our motto at Semmes Elementary is to "Prepare Young Minds to Soar." We do this by investing in our teachers, staff, and students in order to foster an environment of learning where everyone strives to reach their full potential.