Spencer-Westlawn Elementary

Being the very best I can be rests within me, I control my destiny.

Address: 3071 Ralston Road, Mobile, AL 36606

Phone: 251-221-1705

Website: spencerwestlawn.com

Principal: Tivella Davis, tsdavis@mcpss.com

Students: 465

About the school: In August of 2012 Frances J. Spencer Elementary and the historic Westlawn Elementary merged to what is now known as Frances J. Spencer-Westlawn Elementary. F.J. Spencer-Westlawn is uniquely located in the heart of Midtown Mobile and is widely known for its elaborate bulletin boards that not only display student work, but also serve as an inspiration as students prepare for the future.

The school houses a state-of-the-art STEM lab that is filled to capacity with manipulatives that foster inquiry and boost creativity. Our library offers students an enchanted escape into literature, thus providing a love for reading. Spencer-Westlawn houses the highly rigorous Accelerated Learning Academy, where highly qualified teachers deliver the core program on a more advanced level of understanding and complexity.

Spencer-Westlawn also houses a 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) Grant that children in the surrounding communities may attend. The 21st CCLC Program operates after hours daily during the regular school year and for five weeks during the summer. The program offers academic enrichment, the arts, service learning, and provides a safe and supportive environment for children.

We believe the impossible to be possible and our hard work and beliefs have proven fruitful. Spencer-Westlawn has won an ensemble of awards that include being named an Alabama Torchbearer School, a National Blue-Ribbon school, aNational Title I Distinguished School, Alabama State Department of Education MEGA Showcase Award, and, most recently, the CLAS School of Distinction for its Walk to Intervention Program.

Through teamwork and with dedicated, capable staff members we are indeed “transforming” the lives of our students.

Our teaching and learning philosophy is, “Every Minute Counts." Our school days do not unfold haphazardly, instead careful thought and consideration is given to the daily operations enabling us to make the best use of our time.

Data leads us in our endeavors to ensure students reach their full potential. Weekly data meetings provide teachers with an allocated time to receive professional development, converse with other teachers on their grade level, discuss next steps and instruction, and collaborate with full-time instructional coaches.

First-year teachers are supported by being assigned a mentor, additional small group collaboration time, and quarterly “New Teacher Cohort” sessions to meet with administrators and other new teachers. We believe all children can learn despite socioeconomic backgrounds, gender, race, and home environment. We accept that this is difficult work that puts a tremendous amount of responsibility on the teacher, but members of our school are an elite class who are up to the challenge.

Here at Spencer-Westlawn, we embrace challenges, and they seem to bring out the best in us. We work hard to ensure our students reach their full potential, but our hard work does not go unnoticed. Teachers are shown appreciation by way of gift cards, duty-free lunch, and teacher and staff member of the month.