B.C. Rain High

Stepping to a bright future.

Committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

Address: 3125 Dauphin Island Parkway, Mobile, AL 36605

Phone: 251-221-3233

Website: bcrainhighschool.com

Principal: Ed Sanderson, esanderson@mcpss.com

Students: 625

About the school: B.C. Rain was the first high school in the southeast where students built an airplane on campus, and were able to fly in it. In addition to the award-winning Aerospace and Aviation Academy, Rain is one of the leading high schools to produce various credentials for our students to excel. Along with a tremendous family environment, Rain has developed great partnerships with Airbus, ST Engineering and a host of others companies.

We are a school that is built on family beliefs and morals. BC Rain strives to prepare responsible citizens who are self-directed toward productive goals and capable of adapting to a global society.