Mattie T. Blount High School

Leopards Lead the Way

Once a Leopard, Always a Leopard

Address: 5450 Lott Road Eight Mile, Alabama 36613

Phone: 251-221-3070

Principal: Collins Jerome Woods,


Number of students: 1,108

About us: Our school hosts over 1,100 students, and our campus sits on 50 acres of land in the north part of Mobile County in Eight Mile, Alabama. In the last five years, we have had Blount alumni to attend Dartmouth College, and Ivy League School, a student to graduate from the Naval Academy, and one to sign in the first round of the NFL Draft. This is a reflection of the longstanding tradition of excellence in education at Blount High School.

Our Signature Academy is the HCAP program, which focuses on health careers. We are extremely proud of the leadership development that our JROTC instructors have created through their program.

We are known for our family-friendly culture with a legacy of pride and tradition in academics and athletics. Blount High School is a family-friendly environment where we have created a culture of learning, respect, and pride. Students and teachers alike feel safe and welcomed each and every day.

Our goal has been to create and maintain an environment where students and teachers want to be and don't want to leave, and, if by chance, they must leave that they remember standard of excellence on display daily.