Murphy High

Address: 100 South Carlen Street, Mobile , AL 36606

Phone: 251-221-3186


Principal: Sean Clark,

Students: 1300

About the school: Murphy High School believes in catering to the whole student while preparing all students to become college and career ready. Through our rigorous Early College Program, International Baccalaureate Career Program, and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, students are able to rise academically above their peers by earning college credits while still in high school.

Within our Murphy University Center, students learn to be internationally minded critical thinkers and determined decision makers. We inspire our students to think past their limits, break barriers in academics, and enjoy extracurricular activities.

At Murphy High School, all students have the opportunity to discover their best self because their potential is revealed and celebrated every day. Murphy was the 2021 Nappie Award Winner for Best Educational Program in Mobile County. Our greatest strength is the people that put their passion into practice and promote our students to a successful path.

Murphy's teaching philosophy is rooted in student growth combined with the aspiration to gain knowledge to impact student success. Our staff work hand-in-hand within their own departments and cross curricular to ensure that our students have the most engaging opportunities.

Murphy is one of the most unique high schools in the United States. As the oldest high school in Alabama, Murphy combines historical architecture with cutting edge technology. This gives not only the faculty a unique learning environment but also our students.

Our student are engaged in a variety of learning experiences from International Baccalaureate to career and technical education courses.