Alba Middle

Once a Shark Always a Shark.

It's a Great Day to be A Shark.

Address: 14180 S. Wintzell Avenue, Bayou La Batre, AL 36544

Phone number: 251-824-4134


Principal: Rhonda Mayfield,

Students: 515

About the school: We are a community school with lots of community support. We are continually striving for excellence. We are a recipient of the Lighthouse Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award.

We have an excellent faculty and staff who work together for our students. Many of our faculty and staff attended Alba.

We provide a safe and rigorous learning environment and are continually working to improve our programs.

We at Alba truly believe every child every day. When our students walk into our school we want them to feel safe, valued, wanted, and seen. We strive to educate our students, and motivate them, each day.

We make every effort to have teachers within the same department to have the common a planning period for planning and daily collaboration. This teamwork and collaboration helps our teachers to be better prepared to teach and educate our students.

Why would someone want to teach at Alba? It is simple. We have created a professional and family environment. Our common goal is to help our students be the best version of themselves. We appreciate our teachers and value their educational opinions and their professionalism.

We also offer a wide variety of sports and extra-curricular activities to provide opportunities for all students. We would like every student to be a part of something special here at Alba.