Booker T. Washington Middle

Address: 1961 Andrews Street, Mobile, AL 36617

Phone: 251-221-2361


Principal: Johnnie Williams,

Students: 375

About the school: We believe education is the great equivocator, and we are all learners. The teachers and staff of Booker T. Washington work collaboratively to ensure that students receive the best instructional opportunities possible.

Teachers participate in a number of professional learning sessions to enhance and develop their personal knowledge of content, research, and other information. The culture and climate builds expectations surrounding the push for Literacy in all content areas and Numeracy. Teachers are supported by the administrative staff and are given the opportunity to share and implement better ways of doing things around the school.

Booker T. Washington Middle was the 2020-21 county-wide Learning Leading Award winner for Middle School. During the 2021-2022 school year, Booker T. Washington's softball team advanced to the playoff, advancing 3rd in the Division for Softball. Because we work as a team, we always finish strong!