Lott Middle

Be Positive! Be On-Time! Be Successful!

Address: 17740 Celeste Road, Citronelle, AL. 36522

Phone: 251-221-2240

Website: www.lottmiddle.com

Principal: Dr. Jason Golden, jgolden@mcpss.com

Students: 450

About the school: We strive to ensure all of our students are successful and prepared to achieve at the high school level. We have implemented and grown our STEM program to ensure our students receive hands-on learning opportunities in a collaborative atmosphere that promotes higher order thinking skills. We are the Wildcat family!

At Lott Middle School we provide a high quality education that foster's life-long learning in a 21st century classroom environment. We collaborate by department, grade-level, and teams to break down student achievement data and develop the best plan for our students to be successful!

We are a family atmosphere with a student-centered focus! Lott Middle School is the best place to work! Go Wildcats!