Scarborough Model Middle

Learning and Innovation

Address: 1800 Phillips Lane, Mobile, AL

Phone: 251-221-232



About the school: Since being reconstituted in 2016, our school has come off the state failing schools list, increased our state report card score, and increased student enrollment.

We are unique because we are a 21st Century Community Learning Center with our Project SMART. We meet our learners where they are. As a school, our aim is to use technology and innovation to push our students to be successful.

We use a model approach at our school in which we incorporate Teams. Students and teachers are in Teams. This model allows time for common planning, parent/teacher conferences, and for students to be able to work with a group of teachers.

If you come to Scarborough, you will not be alone. You will be supported by your teammates and the administration.

Our teaching and learning philosophy revolves around 3 core tenets:

  • Collaboration

  • Professional learning

  • Technology Integration

Our Team concept is at the heart of what we do. We have grade level Teams and department Teams. Through Teams, we work together in meeting the needs of our learners.

We strive to use technology to help close the gaps, and we use data to drive our instruction. We build in Professional Development throughout the school year. We have PLUS Days throughout the year in which we analyze student data, develop lessons with colleagues, and provide PD.

Teachers attend national conferences in the summers to further their skills for the upcoming school year. We have an Instructional Specialist and Digital Learning Specialist to support the needs of our teachers.

From technology to discipline to instruction, at Scarborough you will not be alone. You will be fully supported by our staff.