The Pathway

Remembering not the mistakes of our past, we push forward always rising above our circumstances.

Address: 2161 Butler Street, Mobile, AL 36617

Phone: 251-221-5010


Principal: Alvin Dailey,

Students: 250

About the school: We are unique in that we house two programs, STAR Academy and Phoenix Program. Both are standalone programs, but when united makes up one school, The Pathway 6-8, home of the Phoenix.

Star Academy is a dynamic intervention program that encourages and uplifts even the most disengaged students. We target middle grade students who are academically behind. Star Academy is a research-backed program that connects non-traditional learners with the educational and social-emotional resources needed to earn up to two grade-level promotions in just one schoolyear.

The Phoenix program is unique in that it is an intervention program designed to acclimatize behavior of students who have been long-term suspended or expelled from their zoned school. Students who matriculate to the Phoenix program have breached the code of conduct and thus enroll with us an average of 45 days. While with us, they are afforded the same educational opportunities as they would receive by attending their respective home schools.

Our school has a deep focus on developing relationships with the students and families that we serve. The Pathway is an incredible catalyst for positive change both behaviorally and academically in the lives of our students. We believe that every student deserves a second chance and are committed to delivering innovative educational solutions that help them rise to a brighter future.

The ultimate goal of The Pathway is to return our students to their home schools with conduct that denotes behavior and academics reflecting our Rising Phoenix Spirit.

At The Pathway 6-8, we believe all students are uniquely different and will thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially in a stimulating educational environment. We believe that building relationships is essential to the success of our students and in addition to the support provided by our teaching staff, our students are afforded the opportunity of engaging with other school and community resource staff members to assist with educating the whole student.

Watching students learn and develop is inspirational and being a part of this growth and development is very rewarding and fulfilling. We are two programs but one school with one team, The Phoenix Rising Team.